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Coyle Middle School MinutesSeptember 11, 2006

The Coyle Middle School board met on September 11, 2006.  The meeting was clled to order at 7:10pm by the PTA president Lori Turner.
Cindy Briscoe, secretary passed out minutes which were approved as written.  Diane McGinnis read an inspirational poem.  Budget report filed for audit. 
The back to school dance was discussed.  Decorations, cokes and candy would be purcahsed for the dance.  Need volunteers to sell dance tickets on Wednesday and Friday of the dance. 
Meeting ended at 8:17pm

Next meeting is April 3rd at 7:00pm in the library everyone is welcome!

News from The State Board of Education
The State Board of Education is serious about education.  The Board has adopted policies that require students to pass the TAKS test in order to be promoted to the next grade.  Students who fail to meet expectations on TAKS in reading and math will be required to participate in many types of interventions, incuding summer school.  The new policies go into effect with the current 6th grade student's at Coyle.  Any 6th grader who does not pass the TAKS test in reading and math will be required to attend GISD summer school this year.  In order to graduate from  high school, all Texas students must pas the TAKS test in English, Science, Math, and History, which are administered in the 11th grade.  To be certian that all sutdents are successful on the TAKS, students participate in a series of practice test throughout the year.  These test are designed to let teachers and parents monitor student progress.  If the assessments indicate that students need extra help, we want to be certain that those students take advantage of the extra tutoring programs that we have available at Coyle before and after school.